Event planning for your business

Planning an event – large or small – takes time, planning, patience, ideas and energy.  Oh, and an ability to think on your feet and react to changing circumstances.

With over 30 years in the retail and corporate world I’ve experienced a huge range of events from fashion shows and product launches to corporate hospitality and industry conferences.  I’ve seen them work brilliantly and I’ve seen them stutter to an unhappy conclusion.  In that time, though, I have amassed a huge amount of understanding that has helped me avoid the latter and consistently produce the former.

I’ve planned and delivered everything from slick, simple executive dinners through to an evening event for 50 industry leaders in the walkways above Tower Bridge; massive corporate awards events to retirement parties; key strategy launches and graduation ceremonies.    All delivered to plan, to budget and to great success.

Producing an event takes time, understanding and planning, along with a large dose of creativity.  As businesses concentrate on their day job of being successful, not many can afford the luxury of a fulltime events coordinator and will rely on a few enthusiastic members of the team to pull something together. 

That’s OK, but do you really have the time to release people to do this?  Do you have the expertise to find the right venue, manage the myriad of logistics, bring in the right suppliers and have the capacity to troubleshoot their way out of a problem if something goes wrong on the day?

I can take that stress away, let me help you produce an event that leaves your people, customers and stakeholders buzzing and with a great impression of your business.  

I’ll make sure that like the best Swiss watches, everything runs to time and runs just like Clockwork!